Welcome to the official site of the Rotterdam Student Society of Tennis "Passing Shot". Passing Shot was founded on September the 25th in 1969 by a couple of enthusiastic students. Our club has around 250 members at this moment. We don't only love tennis, but we are also a very social club. Trough out the whole year Passing Shot will organise tennis events and other activities.

Club Afternoons and evenings
From April until October (except for July and August) we play outside on the gravel courts of Tennispark Kralingen. In the summer months the club afternoons will be on Thursday from 14:00 till 17:00. The clubevenings are on Tuesday from 19:00 till 22:00 and on Friday from 18:00 untill dark. In the winter months (witch starts in November) we play indoors. On Thursday, we play at T.V. Victoria, from 13:00 until 16:00 and on friday evening we play from 20.00 until 22.00 at Tennispark Blijdorp. The club afternoons and evenings are ideal to meet new people and it doesn't matter if you are a tennis pro or a beginner. Any changes will be communicated by email.

At Passing Shot we also play KNLTB spring competition and the KNLTB autumn competition. The home matches are played at the Tennispark Kralingen and the away matches are played at the tennis parks of your opponent. Every week you play with your team against other teams in your district. It's guaranteed that during the competition you will have lots of fun on and off the court. The teams are formed according to your ranking. Ijsclub Kralingen has 16 clay courts and a great bar, which means we can have a little party after each competition day. Each year teams from different levels will stride to become champions! At the end of the season there will be a barbeque, that will end in a fantastic party! For more information about the competition, you can send an email to: Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien.

To get yourself in tennis shape, Passing shot provides free tennis lessons. In the winter we train on the indoor courts of Tennispark Blijdorp. And in the summer the lessons will be given on the clay courts of Ijsclub Kralingen. Before the lessons start you will receive an email, so that you can subscribe for the lessons. You will be placed in a group with people of your own level. The tennis lessons are always given on a Friday afternoon.

The Wokkel is the internal competition of Passing Shot which is traditionally being played from October until June on the first Thursday of the month.

Members weekend
Each year R.S.T.V. Passing Shot organises a members weekend. For new members this is an ideal time to get to know the club and some of our members. Because we want you to get involved in our club, new members usually get a discount. This members weekend usually takes place in September. In the agenda function on the website you can check the exact date!

Other membership benefits
-You automatically become a member of the KNLTB and you will receive a KNLTB-card. With this card you are able to participate in tournaments trough out Holland.
-Free training on friday afternoons.
-Twice a week, club afternoons.
-Once a month there is an internal tournament between the PS members. "Wokkel".
-You will be able to play in the national competition.
-You will receive the club magazine "Passing Events".
-There are loads of activities, like going to the ABN-AMRO tournament.
-Drinks and parties
-And much more!!
- Once a week clubevening 

Subscription fee
The club year is from the 1st of September until the 31st August. The only way to pay the subscription fee is by means of a automatic collection where we take the money from your bank account. The fee for one year is €55,-. Students signing up during, or a week after, the Eurekaweek (introduction week of the Erasmus University) only have to pay €37,50 for that year.
Students signing up after 1st of April pay just €32,50.

It is mandatory to have a sportscards during the time you are a member of passingshot. We will arange this for you for only €105, so do not buy one yourself. Please let us know if you do have one already. 

If you want to unsubscribe please send an email to Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien. , keep in mind this is only possible till 4 weeks before the end of the current year.

How to Join
Please print this form, fill it in and send it to:

R.S.T.V. Passing shot

Jasmijn Platenburg
Achterharingvliet 60
3011 TC  Rotterdam
06 - 14 63 03 88


E-mail: Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the board members.




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